Tiny Sky X

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Tiny Sky X

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Pastel on Sennelier la Carte, sanded pastel paper.

This new tiny is from one of my many stops on Florence Road this summer where I got out of the car to shoot the sunset. My son often says, “It’s not that great tonight, why are you stopping?” Because there is always something magical happening in the sky, even if he can’t see it. And that is because, when I sit down to draw from that image later, I will bring something of myself to the table. That is what art is all about. Bringing yourself into the work. That is where the magic happens! Because we all have beauty inside us, I just have found a way to share it with the world, and that is why I am an artist. And why I always stop the car to shoot the sky!

2.25” x 3.25”, Unframed

7.5” x 8.5”, Framed

There are three options in buying my work. When shipping I either sell my pastels unframed or with a frame, mat and no glass. It is not feasible to ship pastels with glass, so the price difference reflects that the buyer will have to take it to a framer on the other end to get the glass installed. Or the work can be picked up in my studio in Easthampton, MA, with frame, mat, and glass.

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